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interior stylist, decorator, photographer & ex-engineer

For years in my corporate engineering career, a creative voice had been whispering in my ear. At some point those whispers got a little more persistent / vocal and became a loud call to the interior design world. And I did it - jumped in, and trusted this voice ever since.

I now create spaces that urge you to look a little deeper and make you want to stay a long while longer. My projects are complete when I’m literally tearing myself away and looking back through the front door as it shuts. My aesthetic is a perfect balance of minimalism and coziness, although each project is inspired by my clients and their uniquities.

I love being behind a camera lens too. This has been my constant creative outlet over my career and am passionate about capturing the unique angles of spaces, places and faces. The shots that have you scrolling back and that evoke the heart over chest / face feels.

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(e) katrinaramsvik@gmail.com
(ig) @ramsvikreativ