field note no. oo3 | two nights in mtl w/ a couple of newlyweds


Two nights in mtl with the Goldminers.

We had that weirdly perfect end-of-summer / begining-of-fall weather where you’re chilled to your core one second, the next you’re dewy with sweat and in between you’re hungover and randomly cured with a spritz in hand. It’s unpredictable and hard to manage but in these circumstances (among great friends in an amazing city with a plethora of wine bars and tasty eats) it’s easy as pie.

Sadly, I failed to charge my camera and therefore had to fall back on my not so great iPhone 8 camera. Surprisingly it was a nice relief to only carry this little device on all our daily adventures. Sometimes it feels like an obligation to constantly have my camera out - taking photos - possibly the influence of social media. I’ve tried to recognize this thought and simply take photos when inspiration strikes - when the angles line up, the lighting is just right and creativity is bubbling over. These moments are the best. Here’s a few of them from an amazing weekend in Montreal with a couple of newlyweds.

scroll to bottom for Montreal field notes (where we ate/drank/explored)

foiegwa resaurent in montreal
Foigwa french diner in montreal - katrina ramsvik phone photography ottawa canada

Foigwa French Diner: the Foiegwa Spritz is it.


Dreamy gardens and homes on our way up to Mont Royal.


Le Majestique is a fantastic wine bar with an groovy-laid-back-vintage chalet vibe (yes it is all those things), incredible service and the best oysters. We sat right at the bar and watched them get shucked right before our eyes - a dangerous seat if you’re trying to limit your wine and/or oyster intake.


Not pictured: our bike-blade-skater-gang cruising around the busy streets of montreal in search of skateparks, drinks & good eats. Mr. Renzo on the blades, Mr. Zilford on the deck and Mrs. Goldberg & I on bixi bikes. A sweaty hilarious scene to witness.


Neighbourhood strolls.


Atwater blooms.

2019-09-14 09:17:51.537.JPG

P twinning at Milkyway cocktail bar.


hot tip: when you find the perfect pyjama one piece you must share the knowledge with your girlfriend in hopes that one day you’ll take a trip to montreal together with your new husbands and change into said pj’s split seconds upon entering the airbnb. every. time. you. walk. in. the. door.

field notes

stayed | air bnb in Little Burgundy
ate/drank | Foxy for dinner, Atwater market for snacks & drinks while waiting for Foiegwa brunch (always a wait - put your name down and mosey about Atwater market - one block away), more drinks & eats at Le Majestique, late night beverages at Milkyway cocktail bar.
explored | walked up to Mont Royal to generate an appetite for brunch, walked along the canal to Atwater market
method of transportation | foot, uber & bixi bike (easy to use just download app!)

takeaway: just wake up and walk around - no expectations, no specific destination.


field note no. oo2 | mini-mooning in the county


Charleston Lake

Before heading out to Prince Edward County we spent a few nights right after the wedding at my parents cottage on Charleston Lake with a few friends - decompressing, drinking and recounting all the hilarious tales from our wedding day. It was everything we needed - a couple days on the lake in the sunshine with friends and family while we were all glowing with excitement from the big day but also exhausted from all the planning/organizing/emotions.



Onward to Kingston for one night. Visiting our favourite restaurants and exploring a new dancing joint which coincidentally is in the same building where I lived for 3 years. Luckily, my university roommate and her beau were in Kingston for one night as well. We had SO much fun together - walking the streets where we used to run bar to bar.


The next morning we had lunch at a Kingston favourite - Pan Chancho with two great friends. A quick stop at the skate shop for P to get a new deck lead us to meet the shop owner and get some incredible recommendations for the county - about an hours drive later and we’re at the first recommendation.


off to the county

We may not follow a routine regularly but we’ve created one that works while we travel. While Park skates, I explore, shop and snap a few photographs. This worked perfectly in PEC. I love exploring antique shops and leisurely perusing boutiques, stopping randomly to capture moments that catch my eye. Picton is filled with staggering snapshots - overflowing gardens, victorian homes and unique antique stores - there is no shortage of awe-inspiring imagery.


We rented bikes from a shop right down the street from our airbnb in Wellington and toured a hand full of wineries. It was an insanely hot day but made cooler by chilled wine and breezy bike rides.


The next day was just as hot so we took our tiguan on the road and explored the county by car. First stop, coffee in Bloomfield which serendipitously lead us to meet a lovely barista who planned our entire day for us while concocting 2 triple shot americanos. A quick skate sesh in Picton for P, more vintage shops for me, then to Waupoos cidery for lunch (and flights of cider), and swimming at little bluff in South Bay. It was incredible. It was so hot that by the time we made it for a swim we were so tired and dazed that we had to take a nap in the car before meandering down the side of the bluff.


Husband looking handsome.


Back in Wellington by dinner time. Relaxed and refreshed in the airbnb until we moseyed the streets of Wellington - just as we did every night - before ending up at the Drake Devonshire. It was Friday night by now and they had an insanely talented musician playing live music. We drank and laughed in a haze of how relaxing the past few days had been.


field notes

Kingston | Atomica for drinks, Woodenheads for dinner, Drinks at Canteen, Dancing at Trinity, Brunch at Pan Chanco

Prince Edward County | Lake on the Mountain for drinks & charcuterie boards, Bloomfield for coffee, The Drake Devonshire for dinner (x3), Beacon Bike + Brew for coffee and lunch, Little bluff in South Bay for swimming, Waupoos Cidery for drinks, eats and a view | Wineries: Closson Chase, Gravel Hill, Grange, Norman Hardie

takeaway: take. it. in.