Palm Springs, CA

This trip was unlike any other. Even when we were planning it – we didn’t start by looking for the cheapest air bnb in the best location of town (because that's how you plan a trip, right?). We didn’t even start with Palm Springs as the destination. We only knew that we were going to meet my parents somewhere warm and live the vagabond life with them for a week in their airstream. We finally landed on Palm Springs because it checked off all our pre-requisites; warm weather, skateparks, outdoor activities, neat city to explore and plenty of rv resorts to chose from (**added bonus** cheap flights from Calgary).

My parents are spending this winter exploring the warmer states in their precious airstream, so naturally Parker and I wanted to see what a life in this silver bullet was like. After only a couple days we both agreed that we were cut out for it. The living was so easy; waking up with the sun and sound of RV neighbours playing pickle ball in the court across the street from our lot. Drinking coffee outside in our PJ’s (**no shame**), learning the game and discussing where to explore next. We’d spend the days wandering the unique neighborhoods of Palm Spring and their midcentury modern architecture and design shops or hiking in the desert. We’d then track down some margaritas in town and make our way back to the resort for a home cooked meal in the stream or BBQ outside. At night, we'd sit around the gas fire pit, chat and laugh over drinks and then cozy up on the sofa/mine & parks bed/dinner table and watch a little tv before bed. It was an incredibly relaxing trip and has Parks and I dreaming of retirement. Living in the cozy airstream you realize how little you really need – there isn’t room for a whole lot! 

Excited to see where my parents end up next – looking forward to crashing another one of their destinations! Hope they don't mind. 

Every airstream out there is issued a number when you register within the Airstream owner organization. You can simply be assigned a number or you can request a particular number and hope it's available. My dad requested 7863 - which is the postal code of Overhalla, his hometown in Norway.

'babybel break"

this is how you chill in the airstream ^